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(re)WORK video chat! How one young entrepreneur sees her work

Part of getting ready for a conversation is having a conversation. So to that end, I caught up with Megan Hunt, whom I met at WDS and TETHER Portland last month, for a impromptu video chat on her work as an entrepreneur with multiple businesses, and her experience running CAMP, a coworking space in Omaha, Nebraska.

(re)WORK With Megan Hunt, Princess Lasertron.

We covered quite a number of topics in short 30 min call, ranging from:

  • her experience of conceiving, founding, running and ultimately closing CAMP coworking
  • starting a business at age 19
  • distributed workforce of the future
  • her next venture with a partner, and to
  • what it means to be a leader.

“If you’re living life right, everything is work. But that doesn’t mean it’s not rewarding or enjoyable.”
—Megan Hunt, Princess Lasertron/Hello Holiday

What was surprising to me was how easy we could make meaningful conversation, out of very basic list of prompts and open minds, combined with this amazing modern networked technology. There was a sense of shared belief in the value of talking and thinking together. Thanks Megan for the thoroughly enjoyable and deeply gratifying experience!

(re)WORK live dialogue event in Durham is Monday at 6:30 PM, at Bull City Coworking. Register below!