Take the leap.

(re)WORK dialogue set for Monday

register for rework! I’m super psyched. Bull City Coworking, a brand-new space in a historic Brightleaf Square building, will host our next dialogue on work culture next Monday.

What is “work?”

In most of the world today, we’ve come to think of our work as our identity. I mean, just look at my descriptions for the (non)panelists below—I didn’t intend it as an example, but there! If that’s not a loud and clear indictment of our current work-centric culture, I don’t know what is.

But, do we know what we do, truly? And how and why we do it? “Work” can be drudgery as well as fun, meaningless as well as a calling. Livelihood as well as slavery.

Here’s a thought, courtesy of the Aspen Institute:

“The networked environment is rapidly changing employment relationships while offering new opportunities for boosting productivity and competing more effectively. It is also disrupting centralized organizations and fueling the rise of flexible work teams and dynamic, niche markets. It is less clear how employers, individual workers and governments should respond to these changes,or how these changes will play out over the long term. Any map of the emerging landscape still has numerous blank spots bearing the warning, “Here be dragons!” ”
—from “The Future of Work” report, written by David Bollier

Okay, that sounds all too jargony and corporate! But the jist of it, as I understand, is this: there’s some major shift happening in the way our work is organized, thougtht about and valued. And there aren’t anything out there that says “this is the future, and here’s how to deal with it,” yet.

My big goal for this conversation is to explore this new world with you, and start mapping it out, roughly and freely. Answers are beyond our reaches, I’m afraid, but we can grope for some hints together.

Our (non)panel*:

Carter Cue: information scientist, local history buff and community leader

Katie DeConto: coworking expert in the making at Mercury Studio

Sarah Kate Fishback: former Googler, sustainability expert

Laura Hamlyn: copywriter and open-source, community enthusiast

Megan Hunt (participating virtually** from Omaha, Nebraska): Princess Lasertron, best friend, and formerly CAMP Coworking instigator

Victor Jimenez: business owner. ask him anything related to cycling or business

Megan Jones: artist and coworking maven

Drew Marshall (also, virtually** from New York area): innovation guru, lateral oragnization enthusiast

Robert Petrusz: community host at Bull City Coworking

Karl Sakas: Marketer at Hesketh, a local kick-butt digital marketing agency

Beck Tench: Technologist and designer who leads at Museum of Life and Science, who can also write mean essays

* descriptions are my own and contain vague notions, misunderstanding, or factual errors but intended as a guide only!
** “virtually” doesn’t mean they’ll be on tv screen at the event. Most likely, a guest blog post or background conversation with me leading up to it, and afterward.

Please come and join us if you are even remotely interested in work (or non-work), and share with us your thoughts and stories. We are all ears.

The conversation starts at 6:30pm. I will be there meeting and greeting at 6pm. Hope to see y’all!