Take the leap.

#Korner is Monday at @geerstgarden

Happy to announce that we are bringing back our series of monthly designer happy hours. You don’t have to be able to draw to come! “Korner” started as “Designers’ Korner” at a pub called the Stumbling Monk, which was across our office in the colorful neighborhood of Capitol Hill in Seattle. It was good for Design Kompany to get to mix with people who weren’t us! Friends and designers convened to talk shop, unwind, and shoot the breeze about vectors and Illustrator. This went for three years, and we were sad to leave Seattle mostly because of it.

Next Monday, at Geer Street Garden, join Dipika for the first of the Durham reinstallment.


  1. Too bad I just saw this.
    My friends & I would love to come.
    When is the next one?


  2. First Mondays is the idea. Look for us on Monday, April 2.

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