Take the leap.

TUESDAY! State of Publishing 2

On the heels of State of Publishing earlier this month, people asked for another chance to keep the conversation moving in a follow-up forum.

After sending invitations to attendees to give us their availabilities, we’ve settled on Tuesday, Oct. 23, at 8pm at The Federal for a one-hour Round 2 over, well, rounds.

Anyone interested, please RSVP.

The catch is, we need at least eight people there. If we can’t get eight, it can’t be a “dialogue.”

So, let us know if you want to come? If we can’t rally the EIGHT, we won’t do it. (Everybody’s busy, right? We want to focus our dialogue facilitations iff* people are engaged and interested.)

Please share!

Here’s where you can RSVP for State of Publishing 2…

*iff isn’t a typo, just in case you were wondering! “If and only if…”