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Sh*tter, Type Breaker and the (im)Permanence of the Message

Rick Liebling, moderator for NYC AetherAether moderator Rick Liebling posted a thought-provoking piece on his How Soon is Now? blog, related to the upcoming Bryant Park event in New York City Thursday (at 7pm, tickets here).

I wanted to share a little bit of it here with you:

I think this is important to think about. How does the medium affect the message is more relevant than ever as social media, in all its forms, pushes more and more messages at us. Even within social media itself, does sending a message via Facebook give it different meaning than sending via Twitter or Google+? Does sending a tweet via your laptop mean something different than if you are sending it from your mobile phone?
—“Twitter, The Medium and the Message”

He uses some cool examples of what he means by all this. It’s worth reading through, especially if you are in any way curious about this event. On Thursday, we will talk about this, and many other interpretations and perspectives on “luminiferous aether.” See you there!