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WEDNESDAY! Come see and hear the WHY behind STITCH

Photo by Phil Daquila

Come out to hear about the WHY of STITCH this Wednesday at a community event called “Groundworkk.” Orangutan Swing will be one of three local groups talking about what we’re working on, and why.

This will be held at Mercury Studio from 6:30pm, and the cost is $5.

The idea behind Groundworkk is this:

The concept of groundworkk is very simple. At each event, all attendees place $5 in a mason jar at the door. In exchange, they are given a voting card. Next, a few presentations are given, all about local, creative, community-minded projects. After each presentation, the audience is encouraged to ask questions of the presenters. When all presentations are given and questions are asked, refreshments are provided, while everyone discusses and chooses their favorite project. Then, they use their voting cards to cast their vote. The project with the most votes gets the mason jar. That’s it. —Groundworkk

This is a great idea that serves Durham’s need for

  1. a platform where small-scale, “undiscovered” innovators can connect with the community and pitch their ideas in a low-key, friendly environment.
  2. building a community of passionate, curious, smart and connected people who believe in ideas.

This month’s presenters:

We are super excited to be part of this.

It’s a great chance for us to connect with people in person and get their views on our idea. If you are reading this, I hope you will join us in support of Durham, its art, artists and its collective, more intentional, future!

Orangutan Swing presents “STITCH!”
Wednesday, February 20
at Mercury Studio
407-A North Mangum Street, Durham

Read about the kinds of community microfunded projects Groundworkk’s supported so far.