Take the leap.

Why do we love information? A new roundtable, DATA, set for February 6!

WHO: Dipika Kohli at Orangutan Swing
WHAT: A roundtable on the conversation around DATA: what is it, why do we love it (do we?), and why do we need it (or not?)
WHERE: Whiskey in Durham, The Club Room upstairs (ask the bouncer)
WHEN: Wednesday, February 6 from 7 to 9pm
WHY: For sheer laughs. Because we’re in the Triangle, the most data-heavy place on Earth.

UPDATE! We have a venue and a date! Wednesday, February 6 at 7pm at Whiskey in Durham. Upstairs is The Club Room, which is open to the public that day and is nonsmoking, apparently.

Space is limited as we’re showing up at a bar and hoping there’ll be enough seats, but I did clear it with management to bring a smallish crowd along that day. Hence we’re asking you to RSVP and capping the event at 15.

(I would RSVP and book the room, but that costs $1,000, and that would mean selling 100 tix, and I know 100 people LOVE DATA THAT MUCH.)

Join me, and a few others?



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