Take the leap.

What One Word Comes to Your Mind…

…when you think of the word Aether?

I asked this of our panelists on Google Plus and this is what I got:

  • ephemeral
  • unseen
  • dark space
  • fluid
  • network
  • drugs
  • rag

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Aether is tomorrow, if you didn’t know that already. Join us?

… and on Friday, in Boston:



  1. Hi There Orangutanswing,
    Thanks for that, I wrote it when I was 10, and located it in my notebook a couple of times in the past)

    Orange orangutan swings through the trees,
    Will he actually have a future, assist him, make sure you.
    A dazzling golden ball, a ray of mild,
    But these creatures need our assist to escape from this plight.

    I appear so fearless, without the need for my young children and my mate,
    But within, i am so scared, and fright that its much too late.
    They were taken from me, to be sold as pets,
    Cruelly carried absent, entangled in nets.

    As the hunters strategy, he will shut his dim eyes,
    With a heart total of unhappiness, he understands he will die.
    The set off pulls back again, his final breath is so quickly,
    But he’s at last satisfied, in peace at very last.

    What did I do, to should have this lifespan?
    But how could I have survived in the experience of a knife?
    All the Best