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Upcoming Events

We are excited to let you know about upcoming events for 2012.

January and February, 2012
One of our favorite things to do is gather people for informal meetings and roundtable discussions. This is an expansion into a multi-day format, whereby people can engage in conversations beyond our usual two-hour time blocks in a relaxing, vacation-like setting. More details to come on where, when, and how many people we’ll be able to register.

Small classes focused on hands-on activities for creative play and personal expression. We’ll work with paints, blocks, and soft materials to design our own plays and stories. We are very much inspired by the creative questions and ideas of little people. Our own “boss” is three, and we’re always curious to find out what he’s thinking and doing.

May and June, 2012
Our founders lived in West Cork, Ireland, for four years working in tourism and journalism. We’re excited to partner with friends there to create an experience like no other: a combination of both the magical escape to Ireland as well as a creative rejuvenation through thought-provoking dialogue. Details to follow.

Check back to see what else we have planned for the coming months.

About Orangutan Swing

Orientation to Orangutan Swing

Orangutan Swing is a new workshop series by Design Kompany that delivers the condensed how-to highlights of our six years’ full-time experience working with lots of groups to discern and delineate strong brand messages.

It’s for individuals or microbusiness owners who aren’t sure how to express a strong brand that’s authentic and clear.

We are starting in Durham in November, and plan to take our workshop to Ireland in 2012.

UPDATE: October 23

Making the brand message clear, simple, and easy to understand.Making the brand message clear, simple, and easy to understand.

We are now registering for Orangutan Swing.

This is for you if:

  • You see the value in thinking about branding
  • You need guidance in finding out your personal brand
  • You aren’t sure yet if you’re 100% committed to a new business venture, but might be someday
  • You feel like a creative collaborative atmosphere would be fun
  • You want to test-drive your existing personal brand idea

We will be running two tracks. Tuesdays, and Saturdays. The schedule will be as follows:

A. TUESDAYS 6:30-8pm at Mad Hatter Cafe
Tuesday, November 8 Resistance & Alchemy (I & II)
Tuesday, November 15 Unsquaring Creativity (III & IV)
Sunday, November 20 Book discussion 7pm at Chez Morita
Tuesday, November 22 Prioritizing Flow (V & VI)
Tuesday, December 6 Encapsulating You (VII)

B. SATURDAYS 9-10:30am at Parker & Otis
Saturday, November 12 Resistance & Alchemy (I & II)
Saturday, November 19 Unsquaring creativity (III & IV)
Sunday, November 20 Book discussion 7 pm at Chez Morita
Saturday, December 3 Prioritizing Flow (V & VI)
Saturday, December 10 Encapsulating You (VII)

Maximum: 4 people per class.

How do I apply?

You can also just e-mail us at letsplay @ design-kompany.com. Please be sure to put “Orangutan Swing application” in the subject.

Registration information

Once your application has been accepted, we will contact you to register.

You will be registered once we receive your payment for the class.

Again, we have a very limited number of spaces for this class. We want to keep groups small, so we’re capping at 4 people per class. For those who just want to take 3 classes in a la carte style ($500 for this option), please specify which dates you would like to attend. Very important for our scheduling department. (Just joking. We sure don’t have a whole department for just scheduling. Would be nice, though!)

You can make a payment either

(1) via PayPal:

Orangutan Swing Playshop Series Nov-Dec 2011

(2) or by check. Please make payment to DESIGN KOMPANY LLC. You can send it to:

Orangutan Swing
c/o Design Kompany LLC
PO Box 1512
Durham, NC 27701


Design Kompany is pleased to introduce our newest baby: Orangutan Swing.

Playshops for creativity.

The series kicks off in Durham, NC, this October. Next spring, we’ll take participants to our favorite pubs and ocean viewpoints in West Cork, Ireland, where we were based from 2000-2004.

We realize now that the sweet spot of working with us is really PLAY. That’s the segment where we explore, dive in, pull back, bring in ideas, read, think, reflect, and then synthesize into a whole. In other words, the creative process.

We want to show you how we do it, and be a guide to help you reach your powerful a-ha moment all on your own.

Are you ready?

Orientation to Orangutan Swing

Join us for an informal orientation.

Wednesday, September 28
as part of
MAKE2: A roundtable on IDEATION

If you like what you see, you’ll probably like Orangutan Swing.