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Is the medium still the message? #aether roundtables in #Boston & #NewYork


Überblogger Ben Popken (of Consumerist.com fame) is joining the already impressive list of panelist. Rick Liebling (Creative Culturalist at Y&R NY) will be moderating. I’m peeing in the pants–this is going to be so much fun!


Four confirmed speakers for the New York session! WFMU host & Behance’s the 99% writer Scott McDowell, Night Shadow artist Michael Neff, innovation consultant Andrew Marshall, and Dan Blank of We Grow Media. Pics and bios coming soon.

Something that we’ve been talking about a lot lately is how various forms of communication are influencing the messages conveyed.

Half of Orangutan Swing was in journalism for 8 years, and noticed a lot going on at the end of 2006 when newspapers began their nosedive.

My personal questions: What was it that could have kept them afloat? What could people who write, report, and summarize the news have learned if they could see the future? What is next? But that’s just me. I’m sure a group of people with diverse ideas would have way, way more to say. And in the spirit of dialogue, I’m open to hear.

All kinds of questions, and we’re going to take this one on the road.

AETHER opens in New York in Bryant Park on THURSDAY, April 12. Full details, including map, at registration page.

Register at this page, or see link below:


  1. Hi! When will you open registration for the Durham aether event?


  1. […] The Aether roundtables are happening next week now! So excited. Tickets are here: “Is the Medium Still the Message?” […]