Take the leap.

Drifting in the City

Been walking around Manhattan and Brooklyn for the last two days, and thinking about aether.

At Central Park, I was really excited to try out BlueBrain’s “Listen to The Light” album, which is only listenable in the park (it’s an iPhone app, and uses the phone’s GPS to play location-specific music. Here’s a NYT article about it)

Is the medium still the message? As I walked down 5th Ave. from the park, the answer seemed to me a resounding “Yes!” The advertisement industry here really gets that. What they are pushing isn’t the product, isn’t even the content of the ads; it’s the vehicle. The “message” is hidden in, and changes according to, the context (the window display, walk in the park, taking the subway, buying art on a t-shirt, people-watching).



Asinine? Maybe. Intellectual mumbo-jumbo to mask the boredom and loneliness that’s inevitable in modern urban life? Perhaps.

But McLuhan’s point is that all this change (incredible this was written in the 60s) is liberating us from the one-side, dogma-driven communicating into where no one is right and there’s always new interpretation. Our existence itself depends on how we interact with the media, and we are shaping it, actively, one tweet at a time.

Care to respond? In NYC tomorrow? In Boston on Friday? Come on down: