Take the leap.

Artists, bloggers, and designers are guests for #Aether tour

Among the eight guests for the New York stop of our roundtable tour on the medium and the message are three artists (Ariana Page Russell, Carlos Mare, and Michael Nefff), and a few media consultants whom Akira Morita met through Twitter, SxSW, and me.

Orangutan Swing is making final preparations for next week’s trip to New York and Boston, before scooting back this way for our Durham and Washington, D.C. stops (details to come).

When Akira’s not at the actual event (Bryant Park, Thursday, April 12 from 7 to 9pm), you might find the native Tokyoite shopping Muji for new slim-fit jeans or looking for a coffee shop with lattes as nice as Seattle’s. Suggestions? He will be very happy, I assure you, if he can find coffee better than D&D. –DK


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