Take the leap.

#Aether musings from Shadow Chalk Artist

The Aether roundtables are happening next week now! So excited. Tickets are here: “Is the Medium Still the Message?”

The other day, I had a wonderful chat with Michael Neff, one of the panelists at our

New York roundtable, about all things related to the concept of aether the other day. I thought I’d share some of it here as y’all get ready for the event…

15 years ago, people said: “Soon, we’ll all be wearing a Tron headsets and having sex with each other online.”

Maybe, maybe not. As technology gets better, that aether will have an opportunity to develop. Right now, it’s still a little hard for that to happen, because our subconscious senses aren’t tuned for these sorts of things.

“Sometimes, I’m thinking about my dad, and he calls.”

I don’t buy into it being like telepathy, or you know, anything as hokey as that, but I think it does speak to this Aether that you’re talking about; we think we understand the human brain and nature at high level, but things like that makes me go, wow, at what level do we actually understand these things… maybe 50%?—it just doesn’t fit into our model of smart, contemporary people. It sounds like a weird movie plot. To me, it’s just interesting.

I actually really like it that we can’t explain it. In this 21st Century society we live in, we really like to believe that we’re in control, but it’s one of those reminders that tells us “you know, we really don’t know…”

Intriguing thoughts like these, and a whole lot more at the actual event. See you there.