Take the leap.


Two days ago NC embarrassed me by voting to ban same-sex marriage. Minutes ago I read through a glass encased newsbox the Washington Post's front page story: Obama does support gay marriage. Now I'm sitting in front of his house, for the first time in years, hopeful. … [Read more...]

Thing about #jazz

A busker on the corner plays sax by Dunkin Donuts. Just these two things let me know I'm back on the East Coast. Medium? Message? Convos thru the Aether? Let's talk communications, DC! Aether DC is tomorrow at 7 at Kramerbooks & Afterwords, Dupont Circle avec yours truly. --DK … [Read more...]

Losing the connection

Last night I was trying to make a wifi call to a friend's cell here in DC, but for the life of us we couldn't hear one another. Since it has been 15 years since we last spoke, and that, too in person, this scattered dribble of digitized bits was especially annoying. Would have been easier, I texted, to just pick up a phone, had there been one, to call your land line. He texted back … [Read more...]

Baked but Not Wired

In Georgetown today to see what's up. Passed a lot of megastores then a SBUX. Went to a cute paper store to ask "Where can I get a coffee at a place that's , you know, not Starbucks"? She sent me over the canal, past a pink bike, to a lovely cafe called Baked and Wired. Screen tho wifi was down I had a delicious time. --DK … [Read more...]