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#Aether in #DC

We did get to move to a round table for the AETHER DC roundtable. Atmosphere was relaxed and straightforward -- but in a totally different way than the New York Bryant Park experience. This was more like our Boston, super-intimate conversation, though I believe that one stayed more on topic: is the medium still the message? The three stops on our tour (so far) were all completely intriguing, … [Read more...]

The #AETHER I did in #DC

Akira had gone to New York and Boston, but didn't take any pictures of AETHER. Or write about it. And we haven't fully had a conversation yet about what we learned, exactly, from his trip to those spots and my visit to Washington, DC, last week. But I thought I'd tell you what we did realize, independently. Malleability is key. If you go in with too many things pinned down, you're not going to … [Read more...]

‘I didn’t think of that’

As we regroup from our tour of AETHER in New York, Boston, and DC, we have a lot of things to say about it to you all out there listening. Especially because we're planning our big finale, right here in Durham, in the coming weeks. It's pretty awesome to travel, but it's even more exciting to do it when you are on the way to connecting with folks you've never met, who have no idea they're going to … [Read more...]

Should I quit #Facebook? #DCevents

Coming to DC to talk about this, and other Very Important media queries. Register here. --DK Sell Tickets through Eventbrite … [Read more...]