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Got the #blogging #blues

Starting a new blog is hard! EIGHT visits this month. Easier time over at Design Kompany, but not everyone wants to hear our rambles about design. Hence, Orangutan! Leave a comment if you're our 9th visitor this month, lol. --DK … [Read more...]

Video Update for Tomorrow’s Aether New York City

It's tomorrow! so I got excited, scoped out the scene, and rambled a little. Here's my little video. http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=v3mmgSAWbxk Aether Update Not to brag or anything, but did I mention I'm doing all this with my iPod? I know, I'm getting carried away... As usual, a handy RSVP tool below: NYC, tomorrow Online event registration for AETHER: Is the Medium Still the … [Read more...]