Take the leap.

Introducing Road to Awesome

Want to know more about this? Query us at letsplay @ orangutanswing.com for details. This workshop is available for people who are not physically located near us, too, by the way! We are starting to do more virtual consulting through video conferences, conversing that way to get to know more about what gets people really excited about their work, whatever it may be. Sign up for our … [Read more...]

Collage and dialogue? You bet.

One of my favorite art forms is collage. Quickly moving paper, cutting it, seeking the new directions through improv by arrangement. It reminds Orangutan of all the things we love about dialogue: trying something out, but not getting too caught up in some specific, overworked outcome. We love collage, because it's jazz. Check out our friend Nuno Gomes' show, coming to California next week at … [Read more...]