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Checkit! Durham’s first Irish-themed Tweetup! #durhamtweetup

SUNDAY, August 26. #DurhamTweetup! We'll go from 4:30-7. Kids welcome. Green lawn. A traditional Irish band. And a reception for the book, The Elopement. UPDATE: I'll read for the public at 6pm. And at 7:30pm, I'll have a VIP lounge for Q&A book discussion for people who buy the book ahead of time at this site. Want to hear me talk about The Elopement? WUNC's "State of Things" host Frank … [Read more...]

Why talk is jazz

We say our roundtables are like improv. Why? Recently, as I was talking to someone I just met, I noticed that there's certain rhythm to how our conversation was flowing. He would talk a little, and then I'd chime in. When there's a pause, how you start up the new topic or a followup question matters, and the exact timing of it, affects the mood of the conversation. There's an audience, … [Read more...]

Hey, #WDS! Announcing #TETHER: A #Portland roundtable on what grounds us

Akira Morita is hitting Portland and Seattle NEXT WEEK to host TETHER: a conversation about what grounds us. Too often in modern society, we're grappling with how to find fixed holds when everything seems to be in constant states of flux. What keeps us tethered? How do we decide? These and other questions posed in our "popcorn" style of inviting people to the circle, and opening up the … [Read more...]

#Aether #Durham set for Saturday, June 23!

Our final stop on the first-ever tour of roundtable dialogues will be on the morning of Saturday, June 23. At Central Park, in Durham, NC. Check for updates here, and also at our Facebook page, or Twitter. Online Ticketing for AETHER: Is the Medium Still the Message? Raleigh-Durham powered by Eventbrite … [Read more...]