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#Seattle friends: Tuesday is John Boylan’s conversation on CITIES

Tuesday night in SEATTLE three of our favorite things converge: a) conversation about CITIES, b) with people meeting at Vermilion as a venue, and c) conversation starter John Boylan, whose popcorn style get-togethers inspired Orangutan Swing roundtables. (That, plus David Bohm's book Dialogue* and more very esoteric ones like Six Thinking Hats** and Dialogue and the Art of Thinking … [Read more...]

Are you afraid of being away from your phone? #WDS #tether

Did you know two out of three people in the UK check their mobile phones 34 times a day? The Daily Mail wrote about nomophobia, the fear of being without a mobile phone. You can only know 150 people well at any one time. So why is it that we have so many volumes of things to say to so many more people, at any one time, through various communication channels? Is such an information … [Read more...]

#Northwest tour of #Tether ENDS in #Seattle JULY 10

Seattle! Come on down to TETHER! A roundtable, open and impromptu, is going to be hosted by Akira Morita. Excited to be back in our old 'hood. Online Ticketing for Tether Seattle: a conversation about what grounds you powered by Eventbrite … [Read more...]