Take the leap.

#MINORITY report: ‘This has been my life’

Four of us gathered for MINORITY, a conversation about being overlooked, last night at the Beyu Caffe in Durham, and after circling about finally hit the high note. When that happened, we stayed until the noise around us grew quieter, and even softer, until it was still. A cancellation from Casey Steinbacher, who's broken the glass ceiling in this region, was disappointing for Orangutan, but … [Read more...]

A pic from MAKE #makedurham

The roundtable on the creative process last Friday reminded me of why we're doing Orangutan Swing. Engagement, real dialogue, and new connections --- offline. What a fun group! More to come on what we learned, and what's next in the series for MAKE, soon. … [Read more...]

Korner recap: ‘Conversation matters’

Korner March 2012 in Durham, NC When do we get to unwind, just meet in real life, and talk about nothing in particular for an indefinite amount of time? Do I have to be on Meetup to do that? Gosh, I hope not. Read full story, 'Why Offline Conversation Matters'? at Storify. … [Read more...]

‘Trust yourself’

[Deleted pic] Dipika Kohli, boss-man Kush, and Akira Morita are Design Kompany (and Orangutan Swing) The conversation on Saturday about PARENTING made me feel I'd just given birth. Not in the way that you're thinking, though. Sure, there's all this stuff with labor. Sure. But what I'm talking about is the few days after a baby's here. The just-here newborn arrives, and suddenly, … [Read more...]