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#Korner drink-and-draw! Tonight 8pm at @geerstgarden

Lots to update you, what with all the travels of the last month. I will be there with Boss-man at 7pm, too. If you're in the mood for some tasty fried chicken, feel free to join us! —AM … [Read more...]

Make it count: what’s your #legacy?

Make it Count on Prezi … [Read more...]

Saturday in #Durham: deets for #ArtistsPresent on #Facebook http://www.facebook.com/events/400921553271960/

Check it! ---> Orangutan Swing's Artists are Present impromptu sidewalk sale. Coincides with Durham's Spring Art Walk. … [Read more...]

Make stuff that *matters,* says author of ‘You Are Not a Gadget’

DURHAM, NC -- I found this book at Geer Street Garden, where a tiny corner bookshelf is also home to The Society of the Spectacle (Guy de Bord), and the reason I keep returning. I like hanging out and finding out what else is there, randomly, without the aid of a "device." Ironic that hours before our inaugural AETHER conversation table up in New York (hello Manhattan!) and Boston this … [Read more...]