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Not Working: Readings by DW Gibson, Bridgette Lacy, and George Ploghoft

Seredipity? Tomorrow, Sunday Aug 19, at 7pm, there's a very-much work-themed reading event at Carrrack Modern Art in downtown Durham. DW Gibson, whose Not Working Project is now a book and a subject of an upcoming documentary, will read from his book, which was inspired by Studs Terkel's Working, a book on working people. Lacy and Ploghoft are area residents, and have some first-person stories … [Read more...]

(re)WORK dialogue set for Monday

I'm super psyched. Bull City Coworking, a brand-new space in a historic Brightleaf Square building, will host our next dialogue on work culture next Monday. What is "work?" In most of the world today, we've come to think of our work as our identity. I mean, just look at my descriptions for the (non)panelists below—I didn't intend it as an example, but there! If that's not a loud and clear … [Read more...]

Why Yoda was right

Our man said, "DO OR DO NOT, THERE IS NO TRY." If you want to do something, you have to ship. You have to. You can't talk about it and not do it. Years will pass. YEARS, folks. I am totally serious. Got something that's on that bucket list? Time to start checking stuff off. You can talk about it, but then you might not get to anything until your as old as, well, good old Yod. … [Read more...]