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Communications and the message in the nation’s capital? Check it! #AETHER #WashingtonDC is MAY 10

We are jazzed to be heading to Washington, DC, NEXT WEEK to talk about the aether some more. With so many people in communications and public relations up there, I imagine there is quite a pool of potentially amazing conversation. Guest speakers to be announced, but for now, have created this registration page. Also on Facebook here. --DK Sell Tickets through Eventbrite … [Read more...]

Saturday in #Durham: deets for #ArtistsPresent on #Facebook http://www.facebook.com/events/400921553271960/

Check it! ---> Orangutan Swing's Artists are Present impromptu sidewalk sale. Coincides with Durham's Spring Art Walk. … [Read more...]

New! 2.5-min video on #aether: why, who we are

We're all about dialogue design, and this is why we're doing AETHER. We're touring to New York City and Boston in mid April to hear your thoughts. … [Read more...]

A pic from MAKE #makedurham

The roundtable on the creative process last Friday reminded me of why we're doing Orangutan Swing. Engagement, real dialogue, and new connections --- offline. What a fun group! More to come on what we learned, and what's next in the series for MAKE, soon. … [Read more...]