Take the leap.

Join us at Durham’s first Annual Photo Parade

It's another intriguing community art project. This Saturday at noon, people will gather at Durham's Central Park, and walk around downtown and beyond, documenting the Durham through our own eyes. In the words by Tyler Mahoney, the brain behind this event and a local startup/nonprofit leader: The goal of the this photo walk will be to provide visual content for Durham's local businesses and … [Read more...]

For Ariana Page Russell, Skin is the Medium, Message

Ariana Page Russell is exploring with medium, message and materials in ways that I've never seen anyone do before. Here's a good interview clip that explains her methods: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=qvcwl37F7IM "Maggie Carson Romano talks to Ariana Page Russell" by CRUSHfanzine One of my personal questions to the artists at Aether, our roundtable event today, would be how they see … [Read more...]