Take the leap.

‘Tell me a story with an animal in it.’ #parenting

This is the long weekend where you catch up with old friends, and family, isn't it? It's Memorial Day weekend, and everyone who's not at the beach is blogging. OK, not really, but you know. I like thinking about being at the beach but not on days when it's packed. My son likes it when we tell him stories at nighttime, but mine, apparently, aren't intriguing enough. I started in on one about … [Read more...]

Moving like water on a line

Today a man from Pakistan who lives in France told me that he is visiting a circuit of the U.S. and Canada he took more than 30 years ago. Transportation is better in France, he said. Not news to Orangutan, but fun to hear a bit more about. "In Europe the trains move like water on a line," he said. "They don't make noise, like in New York." His name was K., and he didn't like clunky … [Read more...]


Are cupcakes still trendy? In Seattle several years ago they started cropping up around Capitol Hill almost overnight. Mounds of cupcakes everywhere and yup, it was a trend. Now that our boss, Kush, is 3, he can articulate his feelings about them. Akira brought a cupcake home for me today, and then Kush said this: "Mama, you can share some of that with me if you want to." Pause. "Please?" … [Read more...]

‘Trust yourself’

[Deleted pic] Dipika Kohli, boss-man Kush, and Akira Morita are Design Kompany (and Orangutan Swing) The conversation on Saturday about PARENTING made me feel I'd just given birth. Not in the way that you're thinking, though. Sure, there's all this stuff with labor. Sure. But what I'm talking about is the few days after a baby's here. The just-here newborn arrives, and suddenly, … [Read more...]