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Yes we need Internet to make friends, No we don’t need Internet to make friends

In case you're wondering how the Internet Friends meetup went, well, it was a laugh, to be sure. Some of the things that came up: Meeting people online isn't different from meeting in real life. Sometimes you're more direct, sometimes you're less direct, sometimes you're chatty, sometimes you're not. But it's like you wave first, and then you go over to someone to say hello. You don't just go … [Read more...]

Do we need Internet to make friends?

We're all excited about Tuesday, November 13 for our next roundtable, "Do We Need Internet to Make Friends?" Victor Jimenez, podcaster and bicycle expert, is one of our guest panelists. Watch for more in the coming days! Now, don't forget to go VOTE tomorrow and get Obama in there. ---DK Sell Tickets Online through Eventbrite … [Read more...]