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Call for speakers on ‘social,’ from our friends at Ignite Raleigh

Ignite Raleigh is coming next month, and they're looking for speakers. Here's a note from the organizers: Come one, come all, propose your talks for the upcoming Ignite Raleigh speaker event!! Ignite speakers share ideas that spark conversations, challenge the status quo and open minds. Each speaker has just five minutes to enlighten the audience; backed up with 20 slides that auto advance on … [Read more...]

‘This is dinner party size’: a quick pic from State of Publishing 2

Thanks to those of you who got to be part of the small, intimate and (admittedly loud at the start) conversation about Publishing. I would love to keep this going and maybe combine some folks from MAKE, as well as SCALE and EXPAT, in maybe a holiday party style meetup around the end of November. Or something. Thoughts on this? … [Read more...]

New! ‘Potluck roundtable,’ first of its kind in the Triangle… Coming soon!

Who's down? … [Read more...]

State of Publishing recap, pics!

What IS publishing today, anyways? And can the people who create content---we're talking quality content (also undefined)---make it in a way that's sustainable? Matt Dees, editor for Durham Magazine, who came when publisher Dan Shannon said he couldn't, told us that one of his first mentors asked a room of journalism hopefuls why newspapers exist. It isn't to save the world, or anything. It's … [Read more...]