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Three (non)Panelists confirmed for #Aether Durham, This Saturday!

Update (2) Two more! And only 9 tickets left! Laura Hamlyn is a copywriter and volunteer with open, community-building groups like AIGA Raleigh, Triangle Wiki and CityCamp Raleigh. As a SEO consultant, writer, avid Tweeter, and beer drinker, Lauren Polinsky's got her hands in an array of online & offline conversations. She's also maintained a successful career in online marketing for half a … [Read more...]

#Aether #Durham set for Saturday, June 23!

Our final stop on the first-ever tour of roundtable dialogues will be on the morning of Saturday, June 23. At Central Park, in Durham, NC. Check for updates here, and also at our Facebook page, or Twitter. Online Ticketing for AETHER: Is the Medium Still the Message? Raleigh-Durham powered by Eventbrite … [Read more...]

#Aether in #DC

We did get to move to a round table for the AETHER DC roundtable. Atmosphere was relaxed and straightforward -- but in a totally different way than the New York Bryant Park experience. This was more like our Boston, super-intimate conversation, though I believe that one stayed more on topic: is the medium still the message? The three stops on our tour (so far) were all completely intriguing, … [Read more...]

The #AETHER I did in #DC

Akira had gone to New York and Boston, but didn't take any pictures of AETHER. Or write about it. And we haven't fully had a conversation yet about what we learned, exactly, from his trip to those spots and my visit to Washington, DC, last week. But I thought I'd tell you what we did realize, independently. Malleability is key. If you go in with too many things pinned down, you're not going to … [Read more...]