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Reading from The Dive, a memoir

So I've probably mentioned to you in person somewhere that I've got this new memoir, The Dive. I totally tried to do a virtual reading but some interesting and awkward things happened. Like, technical fail, for one. But for two, it wasn't the same because it wasn't in person. This time, for Take 2, I'm doing a small reading for just 8 people or fewer who sign up to be there. Since it's going to be … [Read more...]

‘Better dialogue for brighter design,’ a #manifesto

[View the story "Why better dialogue makes for brighter design" on Storify] … [Read more...]

Call for speakers on ‘social,’ from our friends at Ignite Raleigh

Ignite Raleigh is coming next month, and they're looking for speakers. Here's a note from the organizers: Come one, come all, propose your talks for the upcoming Ignite Raleigh speaker event!! Ignite speakers share ideas that spark conversations, challenge the status quo and open minds. Each speaker has just five minutes to enlighten the audience; backed up with 20 slides that auto advance on … [Read more...]

‘Wait, I know more than the Internet about this!’

Had a great time gathering with State of Publishing 2 friends, a mix of people I've met around town through Orangutan Swing events (and Twitter, and bars, and DK projects). One of my favorite lines was when someone said, "Wait, I know more than the Internet about this! So I have to write a book!" How do we know what to spend our time doing---ie curating our own work, our lives, or the channels … [Read more...]