Take the leap.

5 things every strong community needs

Three thousand miles away from my family a few years back, I was really feeling stressed about community. I mean, I'm from Durham, where people sit on their front porches and watch thunderstorms and drink beer. They look you in the eye, wave, and say, "How y'all doing?" (I'd missed that, especially, when I was out there in Seattle.) But there was one thing that made me decide, very fixedly, … [Read more...]

Moving like water on a line

Today a man from Pakistan who lives in France told me that he is visiting a circuit of the U.S. and Canada he took more than 30 years ago. Transportation is better in France, he said. Not news to Orangutan, but fun to hear a bit more about. "In Europe the trains move like water on a line," he said. "They don't make noise, like in New York." His name was K., and he didn't like clunky … [Read more...]