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Bonus #Korner this month: A drink & draw in #Hillsborough THURSDAY

Who wants to hang out with us in Hillsborough Thursday evening? Bring your favorite pen, we'll be at the Wooden Nickel. 8pm onwards, rain or shine! For those of you wondering, Korner started on the first Monday of the month at a pub called the Stumbling Monk on the corner of the streets where we had an office, in Seattle, for 2 years. We kept going even after we moved the office to another … [Read more...]

Artists, bloggers, and designers are guests for #Aether tour

Among the eight guests for the New York stop of our roundtable tour on the medium and the message are three artists (Ariana Page Russell, Carlos Mare, and Michael Nefff), and a few media consultants whom Akira Morita met through Twitter, SxSW, and me. Orangutan Swing is making final preparations for next week's trip to New York and Boston, before scooting back this way for our Durham and … [Read more...]