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Is online dating leading us on?

Let's have a conversation table about online dating. Want to? … [Read more...]

‘This is dinner party size’: a quick pic from State of Publishing 2

Thanks to those of you who got to be part of the small, intimate and (admittedly loud at the start) conversation about Publishing. I would love to keep this going and maybe combine some folks from MAKE, as well as SCALE and EXPAT, in maybe a holiday party style meetup around the end of November. Or something. Thoughts on this? … [Read more...]

TUESDAY! State of Publishing 2

On the heels of State of Publishing earlier this month, people asked for another chance to keep the conversation moving in a follow-up forum. After sending invitations to attendees to give us their availabilities, we've settled on Tuesday, Oct. 23, at 8pm at The Federal for a one-hour Round 2 over, well, rounds. Anyone interested, please RSVP. The catch is, we need at least eight … [Read more...]

Just five spots for our next workshop, IDEATION #durham

Where do you get your ideas? Dipika Kohli leads a one-hour lunch workshop on IDEATION, the first step towards what we call "the road to awesome." … [Read more...]