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Video Update for Tomorrow’s Aether New York City

It's tomorrow! so I got excited, scoped out the scene, and rambled a little. Here's my little video. http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=v3mmgSAWbxk Aether Update Not to brag or anything, but did I mention I'm doing all this with my iPod? I know, I'm getting carried away... As usual, a handy RSVP tool below: NYC, tomorrow Online event registration for AETHER: Is the Medium Still the … [Read more...]

What One Word Comes to Your Mind…

...when you think of the word Aether? I asked this of our panelists on Google Plus and this is what I got: ephemeral unseen dark space fluid network drugs rag What do you think? Leave a comment! Aether is tomorrow, if you didn't know that already. Join us? Online event registration for AETHER: Is the Medium Still the Message? powered by Eventbrite ... and on … [Read more...]

Make stuff that *matters,* says author of ‘You Are Not a Gadget’

DURHAM, NC -- I found this book at Geer Street Garden, where a tiny corner bookshelf is also home to The Society of the Spectacle (Guy de Bord), and the reason I keep returning. I like hanging out and finding out what else is there, randomly, without the aid of a "device." Ironic that hours before our inaugural AETHER conversation table up in New York (hello Manhattan!) and Boston this … [Read more...]

Artists, bloggers, and designers are guests for #Aether tour

Among the eight guests for the New York stop of our roundtable tour on the medium and the message are three artists (Ariana Page Russell, Carlos Mare, and Michael Nefff), and a few media consultants whom Akira Morita met through Twitter, SxSW, and me. Orangutan Swing is making final preparations for next week's trip to New York and Boston, before scooting back this way for our Durham and … [Read more...]

What is ‘Orangutan Swing,’ anyways?

Thinking back on all the events we've hosted, I thought it might be useful to give a bit of an overview on how the best of our roundtable conversations flow. The reason? Starting to talk with people about this in other parts of the country, people who haven't been to any of our events before or even met us in real life (yet!), we realized that different people have different ideas of what it means … [Read more...]

Now with 8 Guests, #Aether NYC is Week Away

Our Aether roundtable added another guest speaker, Carlos Mare (see below). This is going to be big, y'all. The seating is limited, so scroll down to the end and get yours now (it's free)! Orangutan Swing will open our AETHER roundtable tour on Thursday, April 12 at Bryant Park in New York City. Once again, the panelists are: Ben Popken Ben Popken is the former managing editor of … [Read more...]

Artist Ariana Page Russell added to #newyork #aether roundable!

Ariana Page Russell makes photos, and to mix it up a bit, we thought it would be fun to invite her to be a guest panelist for the New York stop of our AETHER tour. She confirmed today! We're excited to see her again, after meeting in Seattle some years ago. See her work at her website. … [Read more...]

New! 2.5-min video on #aether: why, who we are

We're all about dialogue design, and this is why we're doing AETHER. We're touring to New York City and Boston in mid April to hear your thoughts. … [Read more...]

7 amazing guests set for New York roundtable #aether

Announcing our lineup for New York's edition of AETHER, our first roundtable on the conduit that conveys ideas between people. Orangutan Swing will open our AETHER roundtable tour on Thursday, April 12 at Bryant Park in New York City. We're jazzed to have a fantastic group of guest speakers and a moderator, and can't wait to see what kind of dialogue unfolds. Here they are: Ben Popken Ben … [Read more...]

Two weeks til New York #aether

Event management for AETHER: Is the Medium Still the Message? … [Read more...]

Is the medium still the message? #aether roundtables in #Boston & #NewYork

MORE UPDATE: MARCH 29 Überblogger Ben Popken (of Consumerist.com fame) is joining the already impressive list of panelist. Rick Liebling (Creative Culturalist at Y&R NY) will be moderating. I'm peeing in the pants--this is going to be so much fun! UPDATE Four confirmed speakers for the New York session! WFMU host & Behance's the 99% writer Scott McDowell, Night Shadow artist Michael … [Read more...]