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Reading from The Dive, a memoir

So I've probably mentioned to you in person somewhere that I've got this new memoir, The Dive. I totally tried to do a virtual reading but some interesting and awkward things happened. Like, technical fail, for one. But for two, it wasn't the same because it wasn't in person. This time, for Take 2, I'm doing a small reading for just 8 people or fewer who sign up to be there. Since it's going to be … [Read more...]

TUESDAY! State of Publishing 2

On the heels of State of Publishing earlier this month, people asked for another chance to keep the conversation moving in a follow-up forum. After sending invitations to attendees to give us their availabilities, we've settled on Tuesday, Oct. 23, at 8pm at The Federal for a one-hour Round 2 over, well, rounds. Anyone interested, please RSVP. The catch is, we need at least eight … [Read more...]

Announcing guests for ‘State of Publishing’ roundtable!

Delighted to be able to share the latest: a handful of the Triangle's most influential publishers will be joining us at our first roundtable on the topic. More about 'The State of Publishing' is here. Sell Tickets Online through Eventbrite … [Read more...]

On the heels of @indyweek sale, let’s talk #publishing in the #triangle.

A roundtable set for October 8 focuses squarely on the state of publishing. More is here. … [Read more...]

Is meeting #IRL worth it?

So I walk into a bar last night, and proceed to have one of the best conversations of the year. With a total stranger. Possible? You bet. Why? Openness. I'd arranged to meet the owner of this bar so I could discuss hosting the next Orangutan Swing event there. More about that soon, when the details are confirmed. But how do I choose these venues? Since hosting live events in Durham … [Read more...]

Are you afraid of being away from your phone? #WDS #tether

Did you know two out of three people in the UK check their mobile phones 34 times a day? The Daily Mail wrote about nomophobia, the fear of being without a mobile phone. You can only know 150 people well at any one time. So why is it that we have so many volumes of things to say to so many more people, at any one time, through various communication channels? Is such an information … [Read more...]

Beer and pens next Monday

Next MONDAY on July 2 at 8pm, Orangutan Swing hosts our First Monday event, "KORNER." Join us if you like to talk, drink, draw, or meet new people in real life. --Dipika Sell Tickets through Eventbrite … [Read more...]

Bonus #Korner this month: A drink & draw in #Hillsborough THURSDAY

Who wants to hang out with us in Hillsborough Thursday evening? Bring your favorite pen, we'll be at the Wooden Nickel. 8pm onwards, rain or shine! For those of you wondering, Korner started on the first Monday of the month at a pub called the Stumbling Monk on the corner of the streets where we had an office, in Seattle, for 2 years. We kept going even after we moved the office to another … [Read more...]

Gulliver’s Travels

Last night I was pushing my son home in his stroller, and bargained a story in exchange for my glasses case, which he was snapping open and shut in ways that were dangerously close to destroying it. Given my aversion to accumulating "stuff," I did not want to go and get a new case just because the one I had was broken in a fit of play. So when he handed it over, I tried really hard to think of a … [Read more...]

Losing the connection

Last night I was trying to make a wifi call to a friend's cell here in DC, but for the life of us we couldn't hear one another. Since it has been 15 years since we last spoke, and that, too in person, this scattered dribble of digitized bits was especially annoying. Would have been easier, I texted, to just pick up a phone, had there been one, to call your land line. He texted back … [Read more...]

Giving room for ideas to grow

Jason Fried is someone (as many of my fellow entrepreneur/creative thinker-types) I follow closely for occasional wisdom and insights, and this post about giving time and space to an idea in my mind illuminates what makes him a leader worth following. "Ideas are fragile. They often start powerless. They’re barely there, so easy to ignore or skip or miss." He is quite candid about his own … [Read more...]