Take the leap.

Jump the Fork: what we do when things don’t go our way

We are camped in the western and southern parts of Sikkim this week, without internet for the most part (sometimes the whole town's connection goes down because of the weather, sometimes your cybercafe closes before you can get to it). We are well, though, and enjoying our breaks from the writing and keeping in touch, and taking in the views. Even if, when we arrived at the small tourist town … [Read more...]

Cancelled: MAKE 2013

UPDATE: This event has been cancelled. But you can find us the same week at DATA!     Event Registration Online for MAKE 2013 powered by Eventbrite … [Read more...]

Introducing Road to Awesome

Want to know more about this? Query us at letsplay @ orangutanswing.com for details. This workshop is available for people who are not physically located near us, too, by the way! We are starting to do more virtual consulting through video conferences, conversing that way to get to know more about what gets people really excited about their work, whatever it may be. Sign up for our … [Read more...]

‘Tell me a story with an animal in it.’ #parenting

This is the long weekend where you catch up with old friends, and family, isn't it? It's Memorial Day weekend, and everyone who's not at the beach is blogging. OK, not really, but you know. I like thinking about being at the beach but not on days when it's packed. My son likes it when we tell him stories at nighttime, but mine, apparently, aren't intriguing enough. I started in on one about … [Read more...]