Take the leap.


As November comes to close, we will have been on the road for seven months. Our self-appointed residencies in Sikkim and in Nepal now behind us, our touring-Asia-with-dialogue project has hit a milestone of sort. In these two-step-forward, one-step-back processes of moving around, figuring out as we go what we do, and what we share, we've become more aware and clear about what we are doing. The … [Read more...]

So, what is Modern Sikkim?

It's been more than a week since we finished Modern Sikkim, a series of conversations about what it means to be in a growing place, with an identity vague and yet-to-be-determined as "Sikkimese" today. We've been mulling over the impact and meaning of what we've done in the last five weeks here, and are struggling to find the right word to describe the urgency we are feeling. Not to change the … [Read more...]

‘Do We Need Internet to Find Friends?’ set for November 13

This whole thread started when I got to talking to a couple of people ahead of State of Publishing 2 last week, and they BOTH mentioned stories about online dating. So... For 'Do We Need Internet to Find Friends?' we've got 12 seats reserved in an intimate venue, Old Havana. It's in Durham. 12 seats max. Ticket sales open Friday, Nov. 2 and close the following Wednesday. See you... … [Read more...]