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What culture shock? How to stop worrying about where you are and start loving being lost

We are in India. I guess I've said that many times already. Every time I talk to anyone, online, or offline, even to each other. I say it: "We are in India, yaar." I know, you know. But, yeah. We're in INDIA. It's kind a big deal (and kind of fun to say). And, frankly, a big shock, to all of us. Why should it be a shock? As someone who have prided himself to be good at adapting … [Read more...]

#Seattle friends: Tuesday is John Boylan’s conversation on CITIES

Tuesday night in SEATTLE three of our favorite things converge: a) conversation about CITIES, b) with people meeting at Vermilion as a venue, and c) conversation starter John Boylan, whose popcorn style get-togethers inspired Orangutan Swing roundtables. (That, plus David Bohm's book Dialogue* and more very esoteric ones like Six Thinking Hats** and Dialogue and the Art of Thinking … [Read more...]