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‘This is dinner party size’: a quick pic from State of Publishing 2

Thanks to those of you who got to be part of the small, intimate and (admittedly loud at the start) conversation about Publishing. I would love to keep this going and maybe combine some folks from MAKE, as well as SCALE and EXPAT, in maybe a holiday party style meetup around the end of November. Or something. Thoughts on this? … [Read more...]

‘Tell me a story with an animal in it.’ #parenting

This is the long weekend where you catch up with old friends, and family, isn't it? It's Memorial Day weekend, and everyone who's not at the beach is blogging. OK, not really, but you know. I like thinking about being at the beach but not on days when it's packed. My son likes it when we tell him stories at nighttime, but mine, apparently, aren't intriguing enough. I started in on one about … [Read more...]

Got the #blogging #blues

Starting a new blog is hard! EIGHT visits this month. Easier time over at Design Kompany, but not everyone wants to hear our rambles about design. Hence, Orangutan! Leave a comment if you're our 9th visitor this month, lol. --DK … [Read more...]

Is @BenBalter invisible?

When I asked the Wordpress enthusiast Ben Balter yesterday why he was so psyched about the platform, he told a small self-selected group of WP "geeks" it had to do with "liking to organize stuff. I have drawers labeled 'spoons.'" He made some plugins for WP that you can download for free, and that you can use to collaborate on document writing with groups. It's something we haven't thought … [Read more...]