Take the leap.

‘Wait, I know more than the Internet about this!’

Had a great time gathering with State of Publishing 2 friends, a mix of people I've met around town through Orangutan Swing events (and Twitter, and bars, and DK projects). One of my favorite lines was when someone said, "Wait, I know more than the Internet about this! So I have to write a book!" How do we know what to spend our time doing---ie curating our own work, our lives, or the channels … [Read more...]

TUESDAY! State of Publishing 2

On the heels of State of Publishing earlier this month, people asked for another chance to keep the conversation moving in a follow-up forum. After sending invitations to attendees to give us their availabilities, we've settled on Tuesday, Oct. 23, at 8pm at The Federal for a one-hour Round 2 over, well, rounds. Anyone interested, please RSVP. The catch is, we need at least eight … [Read more...]

Checkit! Durham’s first Irish-themed Tweetup! #durhamtweetup

SUNDAY, August 26. #DurhamTweetup! We'll go from 4:30-7. Kids welcome. Green lawn. A traditional Irish band. And a reception for the book, The Elopement. UPDATE: I'll read for the public at 6pm. And at 7:30pm, I'll have a VIP lounge for Q&A book discussion for people who buy the book ahead of time at this site. Want to hear me talk about The Elopement? WUNC's "State of Things" host Frank … [Read more...]

Bonus #Korner this month: A drink & draw in #Hillsborough THURSDAY

Who wants to hang out with us in Hillsborough Thursday evening? Bring your favorite pen, we'll be at the Wooden Nickel. 8pm onwards, rain or shine! For those of you wondering, Korner started on the first Monday of the month at a pub called the Stumbling Monk on the corner of the streets where we had an office, in Seattle, for 2 years. We kept going even after we moved the office to another … [Read more...]