Take the leap.

Here’s how you can join us

Our project is for all of us, and we would LOVE it if you could join. We are creating a community of trailblazing creatives, rebel educators, and the practitioners of uncertain but incredibly rewarding art of listening, making, and sharing.

Care to join this movement?

1. Share your stories:

Do you make something? Have you experienced the frustration, the sense of being lost, and the eventual glory of overcoming an obstacle in the process of creation? The anxiety, trepidation of sharing, and the joy of connection-making? Post, comment and participate in the discussions here and at our Facebook page.

2. Give to our community:

Our community-building art projects, conversation events and other teaching/listening practices, aim to change the world, by getting us out of our old habits (of picking fights, dissecting things, and doing the busy work, for example) and into new habits of paying attention, respecting one another, and stepping out of our comfort zone.

But we can’t do this on our own. Practicing together tramps doing it alone. We are building a platform for this group practice, and your support now will lay the foundation. It will also help us get better as we make more opportunities for conversations, and pay for our ongoing cost of the project.

Any help will be appreciated, and we have some cool ways to express our thanks, below:


Donation of any amount is always welcome! We will send exclusive updates and yearly postcards from wherever we happen to be.


Exclusive updates and unique opportunities for participating in our journeys. Plus, a hand-picked gift from the road. From $150 contributions.