Take the leap.


SAT MAR 3 10am
Trinity Park

How to make space for everybody’s needs?

“They” tell you it’s hard, sure. But you never really believe them, right? I didn’t. I sure thought my kid would be easy.

As those of us in the “Parent Club” already know, trying to anticipate the experience by reading up on it is nothing like living it.

I remember saying to my husband when our son was six weeks old, “There are no If-Then statements.” Stuff changes by the minute, and you’re always leaping in.

Mommyblogs and rereads of And Baby Makes Three can help, but those are just words. At the end of the day no one can be an authority for you on how to raise your child. It’s personal. We trust our gut. We know our own child like no one else does.

But what happens when we feel overwhelmed?

Where do we turn? Is our society helping parents who want to build strong, secure children?

Where are our social responsibilities? How much can we hope for help from our immediate families? What happens when we disagree with those who raised us about how things “should” be?

If you’re winging it, like we* are, this is a dialogue for you.

Let’s talk about the practicalities of bringing up a child with love, nourishment, and attention while still finding room to take care of ourselves.

*”We” are Akira and Dipika Morita. Our son Kush, whom we call “boss-man,” hangs out at home with us while we run our own small business, too.


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