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It Takes A Village

“Can I have another ice cream, to-chan?”

A two-year-long roving residency in Asia.

We are creating art projects that question and play with the idea of participation and creative process. We are teaching and learning from groups of teachers and students in places that are completely unfamiliar to us. We will create a virtual community that connects disparate places and people together through conversations about listening, openness and uncertainty.


What do we care about? Education. Creativity. Work. Understanding.


All the first-world problems, sure—but they are relevant to the rest of the world, too. Everywhere we’ve been, we’ve seen that the money-fortunate in this world are suffering from within. How could we move forward in a positive direction if sick, unhappy people had all the power? We (the first world inhabitants) need to map out how we are going to get out of this mess here, before we can “save the world” solving the poverty, hunger and injustice elsewhere.

We believe, as David Bohm and Jiddu Krishnamurti did in the 60s, listening to one another holds a key to moving forward when moving anywhere seems impossible. Reorienting our culture to listen and hold uncertainty better—admit that we are, in fact, lost— is the first step of that mapping process.

It’s an experiment, and a practice—through it, we will change the world, for us, for you, and for those we will be able to touch with your support.

Family and Friends Supporter Levels

I. Be Our Friend

Contributions of any amount, from $150 up to $499. We will be forever grateful! You will receive a hand-made, intriguing, personal gift in the next year from a place we visit (but keeping to our theme, it will be a surprise!), and an exclusive, Orangutan Swing Family Dispatch email every month.


II. Be Our Supporter

One-time contribution of $500–$1,000. or $50-$100 per month for the next 10 months. You will receive the exclusive Orangutan Swing Family Dispatch emails, 2 personal gifts, and listings and links wherever appropriate on our web sites and social media profiles, of your support.

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III. Be Our Sponsor

One-time contribution of $2,000, or $100 per month for the next 20 months. You are a VIP of our community: on top of the exclusive updates and links/mentions, we will create, share and prominently (and proudly!) display a custom image banner for your business, personal project or organization you are affiliated with. Also, as a VIP, you’ll have an opportunity to chime in when you want to by inviting you to a regular, virtual “board” meetings where progress and challenges are discussed. And irregular, but on-going, personal gifts from each of us over the course of our partnership.

(† we’ll remind you each month, and you can opt out any time)


Your contribution will pay for us to volunteer our time to teach, organize events, and spread our messages. It will pay for things like camera, sound recording equipments, lights, computers, phones. Art supplies and books for the kids we encounter. We would like to engage the help of creatives in web, video and animation graphics, to make sure our contents are of high quality. And of course, we have a modest ongoing living and travel expenses (currently at $660/mo, and we travel exclusively economy, coach and in shared taxi/van/jeeps!).

Thank you for your support. Your encouragement, inspiration and the stories from your own journeys mean the world to us, and are what fuel us to continue our path.

Kush, Dipika and Akira
Orangutan Swing