Take the leap.

What is ‘Orangutan Swing,’ anyways?

Thinking back on all the events we’ve hosted, I thought it might be useful to give a bit of an overview on how the best of our roundtable conversations flow. The reason? Starting to talk with people about this in other parts of the country, people who haven’t been to any of our events before or even met us in real life (yet!), we realized that different people have different ideas of what it means to have a conversation. Our best ones tend to be very impromptu, round about the edges, and illuminating in ways no one can anticipate when we start.

A short backstory

Fortunately, two of our guest speakers for the AETHER table in New York next Thursday (Ariana and Michael) have attended events of ours in Seattle, when we were there. From 2006-2010, we were just starting to test the ‘Swing’ method, making short forays into experiments of what it would be like to have offline, open conversations in places where people can talk about a wide range of topics related to a theme.

The first of these was FLOURISH: What is the role of the artist? We followed with events like Do we need the Internet to find friends?, GATHER: What does it mean to have community?, POP, and LAUNCH. In Durham, NC, where we’re based now, we’ve made MAKE, EXPAT, and MINORITY, so far.

Looking ahead

AETHER is our first road tour with our conversation table. We think Orangutan Swings are more fun than tweetups, and meetups, and less boring than workshops you get comp time for at work, or conference panels. Blah, blah.

Personally, I find it’s just neat to see who else comes because it’s there, and people are curious, and go, “OK, yeah, why not?” –DK