Take the leap.

Thanks for the conversation! A snapshot from #aether Durham


Just settling down from a great high that was Aether Durham this morning. Big thanks to Cassandra (Liberty Arts) for helping host it, and all the (non)panel members Cady, Aaron, John, Laura, Lauren, Mark, Dave, David, Carter, and everyone else who came and participated. The conversation we shared was stimulating, intriguing, and funny at times, and educational to boot! I felt the urge to go on for another couple of hours, though I’m sure that would have been a torture to all of our butts:)

Here’s a quick snapshot from the event. More write up to come (promise!) in the coming days. Looking forward to continuing the conversation here, offline, on all forms of media!


  1. Akira and Dipika, thanks for the opportunity to participate in the latest Orangutan Swing event! I’ve written a recap here: http://karlsakas.com/making-time-to-think/


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