Take the leap.

Moving like water on a line

Today a man from Pakistan who lives in France told me that he is visiting a circuit of the U.S. and Canada he took more than 30 years ago.

Transportation is better in France, he said. Not news to Orangutan, but fun to hear a bit more about. “In Europe the trains move like water on a line,” he said. “They don’t make noise, like in New York.” His name was K., and he didn’t like clunky rails.

“My classfellows came here in the 70s,” he said, eyes twinkling. “Maybe you’re the second generation.” Though my folks are from over in Delhi, I got his drift. I also saw how happy he got when I showed a picture of my own son. The seeing of something so exquisite — a realization and admiration of the passage of time, the movement to the next, the new and the awakened — was at once humbling and gratifying to witness as I watched him watch the flickering digital picture of what might have been, for all he knew, a friend of a friend of a friend’s grandson. –DK