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Meet Match.com writer Margot & bicycle podcaster Victor, panelists for ‘Do We Need Internet?’

“Victor Jimenez is the basis of a small business story that has continued to evolve over the past 25 years by adapting to the ever changing conditions. A consummate entrepreneur Victor has founded many small businesses focused around his passions of cycling, marketing, and conversation. He is a big picture thinker, speaker, writer, and consultant on topics related to cycling, entrepreneurship, new media, and doing what you love.

A recognized expert in road and triathlon cycling, Victor is the owner of Bicycle Lab. Where he specializes in helping serious cyclists and triathletes integrate cycling into their lifestyle. He is also co-host of the popular Cycling360 podcast. Where each month, over 40k like- minded cyclists, from around the world, tune in to learn and talk about cycling.

He has also served on his hometown board for building sustainable economies through home grown small businesses. Besides working in his bicycle business, he also works as a small business consultant in areas such as marketing, positioning, brand building, and social media. He has worked with a wide range of businesses, such as nationally know artists, bloggers, coaches, retail stores, and manufacturers.

Victor lives in Carrboro, North Carolina, loves good food, conversation, strong coffee and will never turn down a craft brewed beer.”

Margot Carmichael Lester has been writing about online dating for Match.com since 2001, as both a general assignment reporter and an advice columnist. She met her now-husband online in 2003. This professional and personal experience gives her a unique perspective on the challenges and value of online dating. She also made many friends via AOL in the early days of Instant Messaging, many of whom she kept as friends IRL. Margot makes her living as a business strategist, coach and content creator. She lives in Carrboro and works virtually and otherwise coast to coast.

More about NEXT TUESDAY’s conversation is posted at internetfriends.eventbrite.com!