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Ladies, here’s how to win the heart of a young man

An inquiry on values, quality.

Easy. Carry around a copy of this book.

In all seriousness, I’m getting a lot of really great response from people who notice I’m reading (finally) Zen and the Art of Motorcycle Maintenance. People pay attention.

It’s pertinent to a discussion of dialogue for a lot of reasons, and I’m using it as a launchpad to start a query of my own among friends and acquaintances about the topic, “What is Quality?”

Best of all, I’ve gotten a response from Bill Isaacs over at MIT who wrote the book we talk about at just about every conversation table (Dialogue and the Art of Thinking Together). That note came Friday, and I’m getting some e-mails in from others who have given a bit of thought to this topic.

What is quality?

In this era of overload and consumption, it’s interesting to sit with the topic.

It came up at State of Publishing, also.

So, more to come on this. And since it’s about aesthetics, you’ll probably see a link here over to a longer synthesis about ZAMM, plus what others say, plus what I’m reading about the Himalayas, plus much, much more, over at DK’s blog. Soon.

Meanwhile, tell us: what do you think Quality is? What is it not? How do we know the difference?

(Org chart optional.) —DK