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Is @BenBalter invisible?


When I asked the WordPress enthusiast Ben Balter yesterday why he was so psyched about the platform, he told a small self-selected group of WP “geeks” it had to do with “liking to organize stuff. I have drawers labeled ‘spoons.'”

He made some plugins for WP that you can download for free, and that you can use to collaborate on document writing with groups. It’s something we haven’t thought about here at Orangutan Swing but it’s interesting to notice how people are designing ways to use what’s already there to do stuff they want to see done.

Balter told us he used to curate articles for a magazine, which brings us to Orangutan’s point. This week all we can think about is the medium, and the message, and the aether. (See our event TOMORROW, Aether DC). So when I asked him what he would personally say about that, it was all about invisibility.

People shouldn’t have to think about what they’re using to communicate, he said. Platforms should make it so easy to have a conversation that you don’t even know they’re there. “If people use what I made and don’t even think about the back end, that’s when I know I’m doing it right. Invisible.”

What do you think? Are the best platforms for communication the ones that are least intrusive? Tell us what you think.