Take the leap.

‘I didn’t think of that’

As we regroup from our tour of AETHER in New York, Boston, and DC, we have a lot of things to say about it to you all out there listening. Especially because we’re planning our big finale, right here in Durham, in the coming weeks. It’s pretty awesome to travel, but it’s even more exciting to do it when you are on the way to connecting with folks you’ve never met, who have no idea they’re going to run into you, and experience the roundtable style that Orangutan loves to talk about so much.

When I asked Akira if he took pictures of his conversation tables in New York and Boston, the answer was a disappointing, “No.” But when I experienced my own roundtable in DC, I totally got why. You get wrapped up in the conversation, and you want to give it your focus, and you don’t want to be distracted trying to document everything to pieces.

I mean, what kind of offline dialogue would it be if we put every minute of it, every tape of it, every image of it, on this newborn blog?

I guess it would be like Facebook.


I didn’t think of that.