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‘Dialogue’ the book and why we love it

One of my favorite books on our shelves here at Design Kompany World HQ is Dialogue and the Art of Thinking Together by William Isaacs.

“Dialogue, as I define it, is a conversation with a center, not sides. It is a way of taking the energy of our differences and channelling it toward something that has never been created before. It lifts us out of polarization and into a greater common sense, and is thereby a means for accessing the intelligence and coordinated power of groups of people. –William Isaacs”

Hosting conversation roundtables for the last few years in different places, with different groups, always reminds me of the solidity of this quote.

If we didn’t invite new people to the table, we wouldn’t have different perspectives. If we weren’t open to new thinking, we couldn’t evolve. Change. Grow. Learn. Too many people like to stay in a box of colors that closely resemble themselves. Not us.

Orangutan Swing is about the rainbow.


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